Why Should I Have Pet Insurance?

Why Should I Have Pet Insurance?

August 31, 2022
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Our pets are key parts of our families, so we want them around for as long as possible. We watch what kind and how much food we give them, we’re sure to take them out to get exercise, and we definitely try to cuddle them as much as we can. Could you imagine life without pets? Absolutely not!

Along with taking care of our furry friends comes making medical decisions for them. We want them to be as healthy as possible and do what’s best for them, but sometimes expenses can keep us from going through with certain procedures or operations. If you had an insurance policy on your pet, it could take the extra stress out of choosing tests and treatments. You can get the best care for your four-legged best friend, and not have to worry about emptying your pockets.

Do you NEED pet insurance? It’s not required when you adopt your new buddy but getting it when your pet is young and healthy is the best time to enroll, as policies won’t cover pre-existing conditions. And as much as we try to keep our pets safe, accidents can always happen. Taking care of an injured animal isn’t as worrisome if you don’t have to worry about the vet bills.

Depending on the plan, you can get reimbursement on 70%, 80%, or even 90% of your bill! Plans will have a deductible and may have annual maximums that can be paid out annually. There are also plans that cover just accidents, and others that cover wellness-related bills. The most comprehensive plans can cover from injuries, ingestion of foreign objects, illnesses, medicines, and hereditary conditions, to wellness exams, deworming, dental cleaning, flea and tick prevention, heartworm tests, dietary foods, vaccinations.

Pet owners know that vet bills can rack up quickly and unexpectantly. Having a policy on your pets can help cover those unpredictable things.

Watch this short video for a quick recap from Nationwide about their pet insurance coverage, and check out the image at the top of the page to see how insurance plans help pet owners in real situations.

Our agency has two different companies that we can quote coverage for your pet, including the largest pet insurer in the US. Give us a call to see what we can offer!

And keep an eye out for September 13th, which is National Hug Your Hound Day!