Why Use an Independent Agent?

Why Use an Independent Agent?

June 30, 2022
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Did you know there’s a difference between insurance agents? Depending on who you’re trusting with your insurance needs, you may be limited in your options of coverage. Let’s look at exclusive and independent agents:

Exclusive/Captive Agents

Exclusive or captive agents are employees of one company and only work exclusively with their products (and sometimes affiliates). They may be able to show the prices of competitors but can only sell their own. Variability in coverage options only comes from different endorsements added on those policies.

Independent Agents

Independent agents work for themselves, therefore, are not employees for any company but work like a broker to sell the products of many different companies. They can compare coverage options and policies from multiple sources and customize it to your needs.

Do you know what kind of agent you work with? It may be important if rates keep going up and you want to switch companies: with an independent agent you can keep your agent and get a whole new policy with a new company and new rates. A captive agent may not have other options to lower your premium, and you may have to shop for a new agent as well as a new policy.

Here at Kustra Insurance, we are an independent agency, meaning we are a small local business! If you want to support the local economy and our family-owned-and-operated business (and save some money while doing it) request some quotes from us! With over 60 years of combined experience we’re ready to provide advice and make sure you’re protected!